7 Quick and Easy Meal Ideas

Here are 7 quick and easy meals, ready in 10 minutes or less! Let’s face it, when you’re exhausted from a long day, a homemade, healthy dinner can feel completely out of reach.  But don’t let lack of time or energy stand in the way of eating well. Use these tips below to create your own plan for quick and easy meals that truly fit into your life.  

These aren’t glamorous, or gourmet, but these meals will taste good, and keep you nourished on those days that you’re just not up for cooking. You can feel confident that you have what it takes to eat well. 

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Simple & Speedy Meals

The first few quick meal ideas listed here don’t even need to be cooked – only assembled.  This can help cut down on the time and energy so that you can get a simple, balanced meal on the table.

1. Hummus, Veggies, Whole Grain Crackers

A balanced meal needs three essentials: a protein, a starch or grain, and some vegetables or fruit. In this first example, the hummus not only gives you a healthy plant-based protein option, but it’s also rich in fiber, which will help keep you feeling full for longer.  

Speaking of fiber, be sure to include whole grain items to get plenty of fiber.  Whole grains also help us get enough B vitamins which ensure our minds and bodies stay energized all day long. 

2. Greek yogurt, Berries, & GranolaQuick meal of yogurt, granola and berries

Take a break from the rules and traditional meal options, and craft a meal from whatever healthy options you want! Try breakfast for supper, or lunch for breakfast, or here’s a wild thought: combine a few healthy snack ideas into one delicious meal (think, crackers and cheese, veggies and dip, almonds, etc.).  Keep those three essentials (protein, starch/grain, and vegetables/fruit) in mind is your key to balance – the rest is just creative combinations!

3. Pre-cooked Chicken, Whole grain Wrap & Bagged salad

Convenience items get a bad reputation, but let’s be clear – not all convenience foods are created equal.  Convenient ingredients that help you skip a step like cooking meat, grating cheese or chopping vegetables are key to keeping you on track with quick and easy meals. Look for pre-cooked meats that have little or no salt added, or pre-washed and cut vegetables that are ready to eat. 

Fast & Flavorful Meals

These easy meals should only take you a few minutes, so give them a try next time you’re pressed for time.  Be sure to have your staple ingredients on hand, so you’re not stuck without these essentials.  

4. Tofu, Rice Noodles, & Frozen Vegetables:quick meal idea with tofu, rice noodles and broccoli

Grab a frying pan, and stir fry some tofu, flavored with your favorite sauces or seasonings (maybe some soy sauce, teriyaki, or hoisin – get creative!).  If you’re new to tofu, find out all about it here.

Add the frozen vegetables and continue cooking until heated through.  Rice noodles or vermicelli are ready in minutes and are a good base to this tasty stir-fry.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: shouldn’t we use fresh vegetables instead of frozen?  Sure, if you have the time, why not!  But frozen fruit and vegetables are excellent time-saving options, still rich in vitamins and fiber.  

5. Apple slices, Almond butter, & Oatmeal

quick meal of Oatmeal apples and nut butter

This option takes minimal cooking really – you only need a microwave or kettle for your oatmeal. My go-to for fast oatmeal is quick-oats, but you could also use plain (unsweetened) instant oatmeal, if it’s more accessible to you.   

If almond butter isn’t for you, swap out for peanut butter, sunflower seed butter, or another nut/seed option.  Staple items like nut butters last well in the fridge or in the pantry and are a really healthy source of fat, with some protein added in too! 

6. Canned salmon, Whole grain Bun, Pre-shredded Cheese, & Spinach

Wait- canned food? Yes, you read that right.  Canned items are another food that often gets a bad reputation, but the truth is, you can find healthy options, even in a can.  Look for ‘no salt added’ options for items like canned fish or vegetables, or stock up on canned fruit that’s packed in water or juice, instead of syrup.  

I usually mix canned salmon with a bit of mayo, sour cream or plain yogurt, then add some garlic or onion powder and dill for a bit of flavor – experiment with what tastes good to you!

Don’t forget about the pre-shredded cheese – picking up some shredded cheese (especially when it’s on sale) can help skip a step and save you that precious time, and yes, it freezes just fine, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad in a week. 

7. Pan Scramble with Eggs, Corn, Spinach & Tomatoes

pan scramble with eggs, spinach, tomato and corn

Eggs are one of my favorite quick and easy protein options, especially when I’m short on time.  You might even want to use the liquid eggs in a carton, if it’s easier for you.

The veggies in this meal can be flexible really – you could use fresh or frozen spinach, fresh or canned tomatoes, or swap out for kale, mushrooms, or bell peppers.  The corn option here serves as your starch, since corn is a starchy vegetable – stock up on frozen or canned corn for a quick and easy staple.  

Quick Meals, Made simple

As you can see, eating well does not always have to take all of your spare time and can totally be simplified to fit into your life.  Add in these options to your usual meal rotation, or use this list to inspire you to create your own quick and easy meal ideas.  If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, head over to my recipe section here.  

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No time, no energy? That’s okay – you’ve got this!

I get it – our goals of making healthy meals can easily get de-railed when we’re tired, stressed and busy. These roadblocks can leave us feeling discouraged, like we just can’t get on track with our goals. Remember these tips for quick and easy meals that will help keep you moving forward with eating well:

  • Stay Balanced
    • Get a variety of nutrients with these three keys to building a meal: protein, starch/grain, and vegetables/fruit
  • Think outside the box
    • Don’t limit yourself to what you think a meal is supposed to be, combine healthy snacks into a meal, mix it up with breakfast for supper, or use your favorite ingredients, even if they might not ‘go together’. 
    • Plus, don’t be afraid to get creative with herbs, spices, and seasonings to add some flavor, for a world of difference.
  • Keep it convenient
    • Use pre-cooked, pre-washed and chopped options to cut down on prep time, and don’t shy away from healthy frozen and canned options to keep on hand as staple ingredients.

And there you have it my friend – nutritious meals that you can whip up in minutes are totally within your reach!