Step by Step Meal Planning

Planning your meals can be so helpful when it comes to making healthy eating changes. Perhaps you’ve been thinking of eating differently, but you’re struggling to put those thoughts or words into meaningful, long lasting actions. One of the keys to taking the next step with change is making a plan.

For step-by-step support, check out a free copy of my Meal Planning Guide, where you can begin to streamline your meals and move forward towards eating well.

Or, if you’re looking for some fast, simple ideas for meals, take a look at my article, Quick and Easy Meals Ready in Minutes.

When you create a meal plan that has your goals in mind, you can move forward with eating well, on your own terms. It isn’t a crash diet, or a one-month ‘clean eating’ challenge. Meal planning can be something you can start in small steps, and add to gradually over months, or even years.  If you need some inspiration on what goes into those meals, check out the delicious recipes from Direct Dietitian Services here.

Online Class: Plan like a Pro

Meal Planning Online Course

If you want even more support with meal plans, sign up for this virtual, on demand class where Registered Dietitian, Rebecca walks you through how to get organized and ditch the stress of meal planning.  By building a consistent meal planning routine,  you can review your plan, celebrate each of your successes, and problem solve or adapt to challenges along the way. These are a few essential skills to put nutrition knowledge into action, for life!

Work through this class at your own pace, plus get amazing meal planning tools all included for $25 CAD – don’t miss out, register here!

Meals and more: work one-on-one with a dietitian!

Sometimes working one-on-one to problem solve is just what you need to get on track with your healthy eating goals.  Find out more about working with Registered Dietitian, Rebecca here or book a free discovery session today!