In over a decade as a dietitian, working in many care settings, I’ve heard from my non-dietitian colleagues how confusing and challenging it is to help patients to eat well. 

As a health provider, nutrition topics come up daily, but you aren’t entirely sure what to tell patients to empower them to make healthy changes. 

You might not have gotten a lot of hands-on training to support patients with healthy eating

The constant influx of nutrition studies & guidelines leaves your head spinning – what exactly does it all mean?

It feels overwhelming to distill the nutrition information into bite-sized messages for your patients, let alone find ways to support patients in putting this knowledge into action.

You’re a busy provider with many other patient care concerns, where do you even begin?

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I help health care professionals find the simple, actionable nutrition messages that are truly patient-centered.  I connect you with the tools & resources, tailored to your needs, that help you efficiently and effectively support your patients in eating well to manage their health conditions. 

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