Direct Dietitian Services is a nutrition consulting practice owned and operated by me, Rebecca Picot, Registered Dietitian. My goal is to help sort through the food-related confusion and stress, and help you work towards eating well.  I offer one-on-one appointments, group workshops, and custom consulting for organizations and clinics.

Eating well can mean something different to each person, but one thing is often true: it is not always easy.  Food and eating can add to the stress in our lives, sometimes making us feel tense, confused, and even guilty.

My approach

In addition to using the most recent research and science in my practice, I focus on:

  • Individual approach: There is no one, perfect way to approach food or eating, since each person brings with them a unique background, health concerns, and nutrition goals.
  • Relationship with food: Never underestimate the value of a positive relationship with food and eating.
  • Respect for all: treating others with dignity, and acknowledging their lived experiences is essential to safe, high quality care

This foundation allows me to bring creative approaches that meet you where you are in your journey with food and eating.

Direct Dietitian Services’ Acknowledgements and Commitments

More about me


Registered Dietitian Rebecca PicotI LOVE food! Actually, a lot of my spare time is related to enjoying food. I get strangely excited for grocery shopping, I almost always enjoy cooking, and am thrilled when I get a chance to share a meal with my family and friends. I’ve even been growing (or at least trying to grow) some tasty vegetables and herbs.

So, when I’m not doing any of those activities, I try to squeeze in some yoga, and get outside for walks with my dogs, or to take the occasional camping or snowboarding trip with my husband. Also, if binge-watching HGTV is a hobby, then yes – add that to my list too.

What else should you know about me? I received my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Saskatchewan. I moved to Alberta to start my career as a Registered Dietitian in 2012.

After moving around Alberta for a few years, I finally made it back home to Saskatchewan, and now live in Saskatoon with my husband and our two dogs.



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