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Are you overwhelmed with all of the nutrition information out there?

Are you feeling confused with how to put that healthy eating information into meaningful action?

You’re not alone!

Work 1:1 with Registered Dietitian, Rebecca!

Figure out what’s actually going on your plate and feel so much more confident about tackling your nutrition goals.

I’m Rebecca, a Registered Dietitian based in Saskatchewan.  I love to support folks in finding easy, exciting ways to eat well and support their health, long-term.

We’ll work together to help you stay focused on the nutrition information that’s right for you, and tailor your grocery shopping, planning and prep work to fit your unique life. 

You’ll be able to navigate the food choices, build balanced meals with more ease, and find the tips and tricks to be able to regularly dish up healthy, enjoyable meals. 

Work with Rebecca at Direct Dietitian Services to get the skills you need to eat well and build a balanced relationship with food that lasts.

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Are you a health professional?

As a Registered Dietitian I also help connect health care professionals like doctors, nurse practitioners, & pharmacists with simple, and clear nutrition messages for their patients.

Learn about how I support health professionals

With all the demands on your time as a health provider, it can be hard to sort out the latest nutrition research.  Plus, even when those healthy eating messages are clear, you might not feel sure about how to help your patients create lasting changes to their diets.  

I focus on clear, actionable healthy eating messages that help you communicate nutrition efficiently with your patients, so that together, you can manage their health conditions.  Your patients walk away with meaningful nutrition guidance they can actually put into action, and you can feel confident you’re providing impactful, patient-centered care.

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What is a dietitian?

A registered dietitian (or RD for short) translates the science of food and health into real solutions that can help improve our wellbeing.  We work with individuals, groups, and organizations to help clear up that nutrition confusion, and offer a plan that is unique for you! Read about dietitians here.

One-on-one services from a registered dietitian are often covered through employee benefits.  Or, if you run an organization or are an employer, a dietitian can support your team through educational events, training and consulting. There are endless ways that dietitians can improve the health and wellbeing for you, your family, staff, or clients!

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